Marine Survey Operation

USVM1100 Type Unmanned Surface Vehicle Equipped with Side Scan Sonar

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of the USVM1100 side scan USV, a leading solution in automated marine survey technology. This innovative unmanned surface vehicle is engineered for high precision and efficiency in hydrographic and oceanographic mapping tasks.

Exceptional Hull Design The USVM1100 side scan USV boasts a 1.1 meter long catamaran design crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), offering a low center of gravity for stable navigation and quick maneuverability. Its design simplifies installation and transport of equipment, enhancing operational safety. The hull includes integrated storage and a 4G network control system for reliable data management.

Efficient Underwater Propulsion System The USVM1100's advanced underwater thruster allows for versatile movements including forward and backward motion, acceleration, and deceleration. Its unique M-shaped hull and brushless DC motor provide high torque and speed, with a maximum velocity of 3.5m/s. This propulsion system is integrated seamlessly with the hull, optimizing ship placement, transportation, and deployment.

Multi-Channel Data Communication Technology Featuring an omnidirectional communication radio antenna, the USVM1100 ensures stable long-range communication up to 1km. Its 4G transmission capabilities overcome the limitations of shore-based communication, supporting extensive field operations.

Intelligent Ship Control System Offering both manual and automatic navigation modes, the USVM1100 side scan USV caters to diverse surveying needs, from river cross-section measurements to detailed underwater topographic mapping. Its dual ducted thrusters allow precise control along pre-planned routes, and an automatic return home feature enhances safety.

Advanced Video Monitoring Equipped with a high-resolution video system and a smart screen remote, the USVM1100 provides real-time video data, aiding in obstacle avoidance and improving overall safety.

Conclusion The USVM1100 side scan USV represents a synthesis of sophisticated hull design and efficient propulsion, embodying the pinnacle of unmanned marine survey technology.

USVM1100 USV in marine survey operation

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