Unmanned Boat Control System

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  • Introduction

Greenbay Autopilot Unmanned Boat Control System is the commerical control device designed for small and medium-sized unmanned ships. This product combines intelligent, automated control capabilities. It has a simple and easy-to-learn ground station control interface that supports touch operation, route planning, point-to-point tracking, task setting, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and return-to-home in case of loss of control and other intelligent functions.

  • Specifications

Supports propeller types: Adaptable to both electric motor and fuel engine driven propellers
Directional control: Supports differential steering and rudder steering
Attitude control: Supports electronic compass, accelerometer control
GPS navigation: Supports GPS, Beidou, RTK, etc.
Status monitoring: Can display unmanned ship status information, alarm prompts, etc.
Control modes: Supports manual/automatic control modes
Settable waypoints: >256
Mission planning: Supports water quality sampling, surveying, hydrological measurements, patrolling and other mission planning
Expansion control bus: CAN bus
Data transmission interface: RS232
Operating voltage: 3S-8S
Power consumption: <3W
Operating ambient temperature: -10°C to +65°C
Weight: Main controller: 230g
Dimensions: Main controller: 110mm×90mm×40mm

  • Functional Features

Multi-motor drive: The drive controller has 4 channels of PWM signals, expandable
Full automatic navigation: Automatically operates according to the route planned from the ground station
Cruise control: Cruises at a set speed, remote controller controls sailing direction
Automatic obstacle avoidance: Automatically avoids obstacles ahead during auto navigation and return modes (supports ultrasound, radar, etc.)
Route planning and monitoring: Can monitor, plan and change sailing route in real time from the ground station
Loss of control protection: Automatically returns home when communication is lost or battery is low
Automatic return: Automatically returns after completing planned sailing tasks

  • Key Features

Touchscreen ground station software, simple and easy to learn. Quick training enables actual control
Independent drive unit for easy adaptation to different power systems
Full automatic navigation following planned routes, no manual control needed
Intelligent obstacle avoidance prevents collisions and accidents
Subsystems connected via CAN bus for reliable connections and control

  • Control feature

Loss of control protection ensures automatic return home when communication lost or battery low
Return modes support straight line and original route return for different application scenarios
Industrial waterproof design effective for damp marine environments

  • Application

Water quality monitoring, flow rate monitoring, channel surveying and other unmanned ship applications
Automatic navigation control for small tourist boats
Automatic control applications like garbage clearing, maritime patrol, etc.
The product's modular architecture is a universal unmanned platform that can be adapted for other unmanned vehicles through development

  • Verification

Greenbay Autopilot will provide 2 option for unmanned boat control systems:

Option 1   Control software built on the Android platform - This control system will be integrated with Greenbay Autopilot's unmanned boats and provided as an integrated control product.

Option 2   Control system built on the Windows platform - Greenbay Autopilot will provide this control system as an independent product that users can apply to various unmanned boat platforms, not just limited to Oceangreenbay's boats. And Oceangreenbay will provide online services to help users realize remote monitoring, control and other functions of this control system.

  • Price

The Control system three modulars(Option 2) and software(built on the Windows platform) price is 5800 USDollar. Please refer to USV control system specification.

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