Custom USV Purchase Application

We allow customers to purchase only certain modular components of the unmanned surface vehicle (USV), such as:

Hulls: Choose between catamaran twin-hulls for stability or monohull single-hulls for speed and payload capacity. Hulls can be customized for your specific environmental requirements.

Propulsion Systems: Select from propeller drives, water jet drives, thrusters, etc. based on your speed, payload and control requirements. Modular propulsion systems available.

Energy Systems: Select lithium battery packs capacity based on your runtime needs. Diesel generator systems also available for extended runtimes. Quick-swap battery systems supported.

Control Systems: Choose from simple RC control to full autopilot and autonomy systems, including options like remote telemetry, auto-docking, swarming capabilities etc. Can integrate with your preferred software platforms.

Sensors & Measurement Systems: Outfit your USV with multibeam echosounders, ADCPs, sonars, LiDARs, cameras etc. for survey, monitoring, inspection applications. Payload power and mounting options available.

Global Purchase and Technical Support

We have delivered USVs to government, commercial and academic customers in over 30 countries globally. Our team provides remote technical support in English and Mandarin for assembly, integration, operations and maintenance. On-site support can also be dispatched worldwide.

Custom USV Design and Manufacturing

Don't see what you need? Our engineering team can provide fully customized USV design, integration and manufacturing tailored to your application requirements. Tell us your challenges and goals - we can design and build the optimal unmanned marine solution.

Configuration & Ordering

We make the USV purchase process simple and flexible:

  • Consult with our sales team to discuss your requirements
  • Select your preferred hull, propulsion, control and other components
  • Choose any additional integration, shipping and support services
  • Receive a quote tailored to your modular USV configuration
  • Order and arrange logistics and shipping
  • Integration and testing or assembly support if required

Contact our team today to customize and purchase your own high-performance unmanned surface vehicle. We offer unmatched flexibility tailored to your mission parameters and objectives. Our global expertise in USV technology and applications helps deliver the autonomous marine capabilities you need - on time and on budget.


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