Bathy USV

Bathy USV Boat: Innovation in Marine Surveying

Discover the advanced capabilities of our Bathy USV boat series at Oceangreenbay. Each Bathy USV boat is engineered for superior performance in marine surveying, offering unparalleled accuracy and user-friendly operation in various aquatic environments.










Scope of Supply

Oceangreenbay USV is a portable unmanned survey boat designed to complete bathymetric surveys with a single beam echo sounder while you are safely on the shore.

• 1x USV hull
• 1x Lipoly Quick Charger
• 1x Transmitter & Receiver kit

Excluded from the package are:
• 2x Lipoly 3s 8000mah Batteries
We suggest that clients procure these batteries from platforms such as eBay.

Remote-Controlled Survey Boats

Discover the USV boat, a centerpiece in our Bathy USV Series of Remote-Controlled Survey Boats. Designed for robustness, this remote-controlled survey boat features advanced navigation systems suitable for a variety of surveying tasks. Our echo sounders, integral to these remote-controlled survey boats, boast the latest technology for precision in both shallow and deep waters.

Real-World Applications: Our Remote-Controlled Survey Boats have been pivotal in environmental monitoring and underwater mapping, enhancing efficiency and safety in global marine operations.

Customer Testimonials: Clients share how our Remote-Controlled Survey Boats transformed their surveying, offering unmatched accuracy and ease."

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