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Greenbay Autopilot Technology Co., Ltd specializes in producing advanced Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) for hydrographic surveying. Their USVs are equipped with technologies like Single and Multibeam Sonar, Side Scan, Sub-Bottom Profiling, and Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), offering enhanced survey capabilities. Integration of tools like Sound Velocity Profiles (SVP), Hydrophones, and the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) enables efficient remote analysis in challenging environments. This makes Greenbay's USVs ideal for a range of applications, from seabed mapping to environmental monitoring, particularly in areas where traditional manned surveys are impractical.



" Indonesian clients are utilizing the USVN1750 for survey measurements and initiating small-scale purchases, signifying notable technological integration"



"U.S. clients are solely purchasing  2.5m catamaran platforms, which  include the hull, accessories, thrusters, and batteries. He is integrating his own control systems and measurement equipment themselves."

"The USVM1100 equipped with a Chinese-developed side-scan sonar for the first time, demonstrates impressive performance."


USVB1750 help the Malaysian university client

showcase their unmanned vessel research at a Military expo

The USVI1750 unmanned boat project is being tested by a customer

                        from South Korea.

Since 2021, we have been developing unmanned ship navigation control software for the Android system. We have now integrated depth sounders on the FB1000 and AluB1000 models, and have sold nearly 200 boats in bulk in Chinese market. $9,980 USD per shipset. Equipped with hull and outfitting parts,  thruster, Android control box, batteries and charger, antenna, led light, camera, rc controller, radio modules 5.8GHz, GPS, echo sounder and sonar software, package box(only without RTK). 

  • Power and EnduranceMaximum speed: 3m/s
  • Cruising speed: 1.5m/s
  • Endurance: Approximately 3 hours with a single battery
  • On-site battery replacement
  • Autonomous mode
  • Remote mode
  • Android smart controller with capabilities for image and data transmission, and remote control
  • Route Planning
  • On-site hand-drawn paths, polygons, and centerlines
  • Supports importing of KML and DXF conversions
  • Auto-generation of navigation lines within the trajectory
  • Batch import of latitude and longitude data
  • GNSS Compatibility
  • Compatible with various GNSS RTK brands
  • Serial port output of GGA and RMC statements
  • Built-in single-beam depth sounder with a range: 0.2-150 meters
  • Self-storage of measurement data
  • Output of water depth and positioning statements
  • Internal 16GB high-speed TF card
  • Analog data echo display in post-processing
  • Capable of overlaying digital underwater contours
  • Supports manual mouse tracking and correction


"Our efficient process includes expert assembly, meticulous packaging, and reliable shipping for a seamless experience."


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